Welcome to our restaurant

Sushi Excellent, located in the heart of New Dorp, one of Staten Island's oldest communities, has been providing its customers with the finest quality Japanese cuisine. The variety of menu items that are changed and updated on a regular basis, coupled with its attention to its inviting atmosphere and service delivery, make this restaurant a favorite in the landscape of Staten Island restaurants and beyond.

Since our opening in 2005, we have served thousands of guests. To this day, we are still striving to be the best Japanese restaurant accessible to everyone. We recently completed our renovation and expanded our lounge to meet the increasing demand of our catering services. We are extremely grateful to receive continued support from guests like you and the community. Thank You!

Executive Chef Osan Weng

For 12 years, Osan has worked in "Shouya (庄屋)" as an Executive Chef in Tokyo. He is good at cooking traditional Japanese food

After coming to U.S., in order to cater for American tastes, Osan also learns French and Italy cuisines to integrate the best parts the varieties of food into Osan's style Cuisine. Not only using Japanese ingredients, but also other essences to create best flavors, tastes, and cuisine in the States.